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How to wake up on time — just like a real early bird

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Around us, there are natural early birds, and also night owls. Although anybody has their own schedules and living habit — and we don’t have to go against them. However, sometimes we have to wake up so early for special events or work. For night owl people, this is really hard because they are used to working late and cannot naturally wake up early. But don’t worry, here are some tips for you if next month you suddenly have to wake up at 6 every day and can’t be late for work.

Stop wasting time at night and sleep early!

This is so obvious, but it is impossible to wake up if our brain refuses to do so just because it is so tired. Yes sometimes we are just too busy to sleep fully 8 hours per day but each people have their own limit of required sleep time. If you sleep less than this amount of hours, your brain will simply become dysfunctional. For some people, it is 5 hours, for others, it can be 6. Figure out the minimum required time to sleep and try to get at least this amount of rest time if you don’t want to be late despite the constant noise of the alarms.

Also, pay attention to how you spend your nighttime if you stay up late for work, at least this is something although not healthy but productive. But if you waste your sleep time and mess up your next morning schedule just for watching Netflix, this is really not worth it!

Keep yourself warm when you wake up.

When we sleep, our body temperature decreases. That’s why some days you can’t get out of bed because it feels so cold. Keep some thick and warm coats near you so you can wear them immediately when waking up.

Prepare something exciting to do right after waking up.

If you make yourself a real good breakfast or prepare a super interesting show to watch right in the morning, you will feel really excited about waking up. Find something you really like as a habit to do in the morning time (not what “people” usually do). This is not too hard, but will significantly save your time from “resetting the alarm 100 times” in the morning.

Keep the window open

Keeping the window open will let natural light in and help you wake up much more smoothly. Also, seeing people and the world working and enjoying their day through the window right after waking up will make your day start a lot more bright and joyful!

Last but not least, remember to set an alarm (maybe lots of alarms if needed). Hope you have a good day and not be late! For more tips and other healthy habits, download the Insumo app!

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