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20 Habits to Upgrade Your Life: Time to Focus on You

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Have you ever found yourself doing something without even realizing it? This is because, as humans, we are prone to building our daily lives around habits. From the moment you were born, you started developing patterns in your life that eventually became deeply ingrained habits. These habits can be as simple as which side of the bed you sleep on or the order in which you shower, but data shows that approximately 45% of our daily activities are based on our habits.

To take control of these routines, it's important to become aware of them. While some of these habits may be positive, others may be hindering your productivity and progress in various areas of your life. Changing negative habits and building positive ones can be a challenging task, but it's worth it for the impact it can have on your quality of life. Here are 20 habits that you can easily incorporate into your life that will have a significant positive impact.

20 Habits to Improve Your Life

  1. Add lemon to your water. Lemons are a natural source of Vitamin C and can also help boost your immune system, improve digestion, remove toxins from your body, and rehydrate your system.

  2. Write gratitude letters. Before going to bed, spend 5 minutes reflecting on what you were grateful for that day. This will help you end the day on a positive note.

  3. Do a 10-minute stretch every morning. Stretching is a great way to signal to your body that you are awake and to relax your muscles, reducing tension.

  4. Take a walk outdoors. If you're feeling overwhelmed at any point during the day, spend some time in nature. Take a walk outside and appreciate the scenery for as long as you can.

  5. Meditate. Start with short 15-minute meditations. Close your eyes and focus on your breath until the timer goes off.

  6. Make eye contact with someone new. Eye contact can help make interactions more genuine and intimate.

  7. Take care of your appearance. Incorporate habits into your routine that will improve your hygiene and self-esteem, such as wearing clothes that make you feel confident, showering before leaving the house, or giving yourself a manicure.

  8. Stand up straight and roll your shoulders back. Good posture is important!

  9. Drink a large glass of water before each meal. Consider purchasing a large water pitcher to help you stay hydrated.

  10. Find a mentor. This could be a mentor for your career, a guide for your exercise routines, or just someone who inspires you. Determine what you want to get out of the relationship and ask for support in their areas of expertise.

  11. Replace coffee with green tea. Limit your caffeine intake to before 2pm.

  12. Consider purchasing blue light glasses if you find your eyes feeling dry and tired after a long day of computer use.

  13. Replace soda with seltzer or flavored mineral water.

  14. Floss every night.

  15. Show affection to those you care about by hugging them and expressing your feelings.

  16. Set your clock 10 minutes ahead to help you arrive earlier to meetings and avoid being late.

  17. Get three separate bins for recycling, compost, and trash.

  18. Create a box for donations. Go through your belongings and clothes to identify items you haven't been using regularly.

  19. Take breaks from social media. Set aside specific times during the day when you will be off social media, such as a phone-free hour for meditation, exercise, or work.

  20. Smile and laugh more. When you're feeling down, try laughing therapy by forcing yourself to laugh, even if it feels fake at first. This will actually activate the hormones that are normally released when you're genuinely laughing."

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