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Joe Budden Podcast AI: Explained

The world of music has undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years with the advent of technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly but surely taking over various aspects of music production, and the impact of this on the music industry is a topic of much discussion. In a recent podcast episode titled "The Downside Of A.I. [Artificial Intelligence] Constructed Music" | TikTok's Influence on Music, the hosts delve into the impact of AI on music, and specifically how TikTok has been influencing the music industry.

The episode starts with a discussion about Beyonce's "Break My Soul" track, which dropped at midnight on Tidal and YouTube. Joe Budden explains how they didn't hear the track as soon as it dropped and how they heard it on two different occasions before going back to bed. Joe Budden then goes on to discuss how this track and other music being created today is being influenced by TikTok.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Joe Budden explore the impact of TikTok on the music industry and how it is influencing the type of music being produced today. They discuss how artists are being told to create music that can go viral on TikTok, and how this is affecting their creative process.

  • The hosts also discuss the role of AI in music production and how it is being used to create music that can go viral on TikTok. They explore the concept of "AI art" and how it is restricted by the technology.

  • The hosts argue that real musicians and artists should be able to work within the confines set by labels and technology to create art that is still reflective of life. They argue that art is often a reflection of the times we live in, and that musicians should be able to adapt to changing times while still staying true to their art.

One of the standout quotes from the episode is: "This is art. It's stifled. It is art that is restricted. It's art that is being dictated by the tech. So yes, it is art, but it's almost like AI art." This quote perfectly sums up the hosts' views on the impact of AI and TikTok on the music industry.

Overall, this podcast episode provides an interesting insight into the impact of AI and TikTok on music production. It raises important questions about the role of technology in music and the extent to which it is dictating the creative process. It also highlights the importance of musicians being able to adapt to changing times while still staying true to their art.

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