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Here's What Habits 'Succession' Characters Would Track on Insumo

Succession season 4 has already started, and — spoiler alert — the actual succession is finally coming to an end for good. It only seems appropriate that we look into the each of the show's complex characters and figure out what each compelling character would be tracking on Insumo and how they can track their habits using Insumo.

Logan Roy

Logan Roy is the patriarch of the Roy family and the CEO of Waystar Royco. He is a workaholic and spends most of his time in the office. He starts his day early and reads several newspapers to keep up with the news. Logan also enjoys exercising and has a personal trainer who helps him stay fit. To track his habits, Logan can use Insumo's habit tracker to record his daily exercise routine and the number of newspapers he reads.

Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy is Logan's eldest son and the heir apparent to the Waystar Royco empire. He is a recovering drug addict and attends AA meetings regularly to stay sober. Kendall also spends a lot of time on his phone and is often seen scrolling through social media. To track his habits, Kendall can use Insumo's habit tracker to record his daily AA meetings, his sleeping routine and limit the amount of time he spends on social media.

Shiv Roy

Shiv Roy is Logan's daughter and a political strategist. She is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys going for runs in Central Park.

Shiv is also a workaholic and spends long hours at the office. To track her habits, Shiv can use Insumo's habit tracker to record her daily runs and drinking habits and set goals to limit her spent time on the calls.

Roman Roy

Roman Roy is Logan's youngest son and the least serious member of the family. He is often seen making inappropriate jokes and engaging in frivolous activities. Roman enjoys smoking and drinking and is not very health-conscious. To track his habits, Roman can use Insumo's habit tracker to record his daily smoking and drinking habits and limit his alcohol intake.

Insumo is a powerful habit tracker that can help you monitor and improve your daily habits. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable tracking options, Insumo can help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself. Whether you want to track your exercise routine, monitor your social media usage, or reduce your smoking and drinking habits, Insumo can help you stay on track and achieve success. So why wait? Download Insumo today and start tracking your habits!

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