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How to Get Rid of the Monday Blues

We sometimes have trouble waking up on work days, especially Monday. There are many varying descriptions of Monday Morning Syndrome (also known as MMS), but most often, it’s described as feelings of dread for the upcoming work week. It’s interesting how we single out the first day of the week as possibly the “worst day.” Poor Monday.

Fear not; you can overcome MMS. What’s important is to be efficient and productive the rest of the week-work days; only then can Monday feel like another day of the week. Continue reading for more detailed tips and tricks in saving Monday from the dark side.

Here are 7 tips coming to your rescue!

  1. First and foremost, start your Monday with good vibes. Play motivating music; put on your headphones or blast your stereo to start fresh and ready!

  2. Take a few more breaks than usual during the day. These small breaks will help keep you motivated while giving you space to push the Monday blues away.

  3. Rest on Sundays. At least try. We know it’s not easy to stay in on a Sunday, but taking Sunday afternoon off, relaxing, and going to bed early might be the answer you were looking for.

  4. Spread your socializing schedule throughout the week. Don’t just plan for Saturday and Sunday. Go to the movies during the week, go for a walk with your neighbors, or plan something you’ve never tried before.

  5. Try sticking to your sleep schedule and protect your internal clock. Keep your sleep and wake schedule somewhat close to what it is during the week, so waking up on Monday comes easily.

  6. Do some reflection. Sometimes our Monday blues have nothing to do with the first day of the week. You must be in touch with your thoughts, worries, needs, and wants.

  7. Treat yourself. It’s the first day of the week! Prepare or order your favorite dinner, and top it off with some dessert.

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