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The Complete Guide to Taking a Break

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Have you ever felt super tired even after a long vacation? Have you ever felt not ready to go back to school even after 3 months of summer? Have you ever felt like you can’t be healthy and happy despite having as much time as possible to rest? There are so many tips for being productive but people, unfortunately, rarely talk about how to take an effective break. But don’t worry, today we will talk about how to actually feel refreshed after resting.

Sleep enough — not too much and not too little

Sleep is one of the most effective ways to heal your brain. However, if you sleep too much, you will only end up feeling dizzy and numb. Also, if you are on vacation but spend all night watching Netflix and sleeping in the daytime, eventually you won’t feel better. Try to take care of yourself just by sleeping on time — and wake up at the right moment!

Only eat refreshing food

Taking a break but living unhealthy obviously won’t help heal your burned-out problem. When we are on vacation, it is so easy to lose track of our usual eating discipline. Remember to feed yourself with lots of fruit — and stay hydrated!

Do something!

Having a break doesn’t mean we should do nothing all day long. We will only feel healthy when there is a good balance between having something to do and having enough time to rest.

Engage yourself with some relaxing, enjoyable habits. Go to youtube and search for some workout videos, buy some jigsaw puzzles to play with, or learn to make some cool origami.

Reflect on what is making you feel exhausted

In the long run, the best way to make you feel content and happy is to fix what is really wrong with your usual life. Take a moment to reflect on your calendar, cut off relationships that are toxic for you, and do a quick check if there is anything wrong with your physical and mental health.

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